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Is A Motorized Gaming Bed A Step Too Far?

This will definitely take your video gaming to a whole new level. Bauhutte has unveiled a motorized…

Five Major Changes Coming to Target Stores

You could be seeing some big changes to your favorite Target store soon.

Do People’s Lives Flash before their Eyes as they’re Dying? A New Study says ‘Yes’

Scientists say people's lives might actually flash before their eyes as they're dying.

Amy Lee Talks About Covid Experience

Amy Lee says everyone who got Covid in Evanescence had mild symptoms. 

Jonathan Davis Says New Korn Album “One of the Best Album Experiences I’ve Had”

Korn's Jonathan Davis is gushing about working on the band's upcoming album.

Facebook Has Redesigned Your Settings — Good Luck Figuring Them Out All Over Again

Facebook has redesigned their settings-AGAIN. The redesign has 6 categories now.

Tech Leaders Pledge to Improve Women’s Safety Online

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Google all have promised the online experiences for women.

Rage Against The Machine Will Never Play A Drive-In Concert

Rage Against The Machine had their plans for a massive reunion tour disrupted by the pandemic –…

Just A Few More Days To Wait … Simulation Theory: The IMAX Experience

With live concerts canceled because of coronavirus, this might be the next best thing. British rockers Muse…

Company Designs Futuristic Protective Suit for Attending Concerts

It might not make its wearer the most fashionable person there, but a protective concert suit designed…

Pearl Jam To Stream ‘Gigaton Visual Album Experience’ On Apple TV

Pearl Jam is releasing a ‘visual album experience‘ for its new album Gigaton, starting this Friday on Apple TV…

The Taco Bell Resort is Officially Taking Reservations

Can you imagine if you actually went here? It actually looks pretty spectacular. Want to go? The…

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