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Pay Up: Don’t Expect Grocery Store Prices To Drop Anytime Soon

The cost of groceries isn't coming down anytime soon.

How Would Inflation Affect The ’12 Days Of Christmas’?

Inflation has driven up prices on just about everything – even partridges and pear trees.

Inflation Could Impact Black Friday Deals

The current inflation spike isn't just making things more expensive – it's also affecting the holiday shopping…

How Long Will Inflation Continue?

The U.S. economy is seeing an unprecedented spike in price inflation – and economists fear it could…

Experts say the Most Expensive Thanksgiving in History is on the Way

After seeing the cost of preparing turkey dinner drop to a 10-year low in 2020, the U.S…

Economist Says Inflation Is Costing U.S. Households An Extra $175 Per Month

It's no secret that prices have been going up lately – but you might not realize just…

Dollar Tree is Raising Prices

Say goodbye to the low prices at Dollar Tree. The company has announced they are raising prices…

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