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Oreo Cookies, Ritz Crackers, And Sour Patch Kids Will Cost More Next Year, CEO Says

Three popular snacks will be serving up steeper prices next year.

Rare Pokémon Oreos Being Sold For Thousands On eBay

New Pokemon Oreos could be serving up a big payday for collectors.

Why Are People Eating Oreos With Salsa?

You've heard of weird food combos, but this might take the cake.

Two New Oreo Flavors Are Coming This Month

Oreo has two new flavors on the way.

OREO Set To Release Limited Edition Pride Month Cookies

Get 'em while they're hot! The folks at Oreo are showing love to Pride Month by releasing…

OREO Offering Aliens Free Cookies

If the government reports reveal there is alien life on Earth, the folks at Oreo want to…

Triple The Sweet Treat: Oreo Announces The “Brookie-O”

What will they think of next!? Oreo is coming out with a “brookie” flavor with 3 types…

You Can Design Your Own Oreos For A Delicious Gift

How fun is this? Now you customize your own Oreos online and there are so many designs…

Oreo Builds an Asteroid-Proof Bunker for Cookies and Milk

The threat of asteroids striking the Earth and causing a global catastrophe has inspired some groups to…

Walmart Sells New Tubs Of Tastiness

Does this prove there’s hope for 2020? Walmart is now selling actual tubs of Oreo mousse. The…

Oreo Releases Creme-Filled Eggs For The Holidays

Oreo has released chocolate creme-filled eggs for the holidays. The eggs are filled with the Oreo cookie’s…

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