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second date update

Second Date: Tim and Nicole (Mistaken For Mom)

Tim and Nicole met on Tinder. That's where our story begins.

Second Date: Laney and Dylan (Teach Her A Lesson)

This date wound up being a nightmare and they’re calling us for help with it!

Second Date: Travis and Heather (Taco Bell Prankster)

Obviously his "special" move didn’t work out because he’s calling us for some help.

Second Date: Danny and Angela (The Hug Whisperer)

Do you believe in love at first… HUG?

Second Date: Joe and Jessica (Salad)

Is their connection TOO strong??

Second Date: CeeCee and Nick (Crepe Expectations)

She admits to essentially breaking and entering on her date with Nick!

Second Date: Kara and Corey (Old Folks Home)

Corey is a single guy looking for a relationship, but he also works at a retirement home…..

Second Date: Chris and Liz (Funeral Date)

Today’s location might be the most uncomfortable spot to get to know someone in recorded history.

Second Date: Justin and Charlotte (In Love)

It’s good to be upfront and honest… right?

Second Date: Ethan and Alyssa (Baby Clothes)

He hired a matchmaker and was set up… just like people did in the 90's!

Second Date: Catherine and Grady (Crossing the Border of Love)

How do you know when a friendly hangout crosses the line and suddenly becomes a date?

Second Date: Dan and Amanda (Blinded By Biceps)

He may have had TOO good of a time at the bar…

Second Date: Evan and Lana (Club Game On Point)

The listener calling for a Second Date today is a self-proclaimed "Club Master."

Second Date: Courtney and Jason (Secret Kid)

Would you continue a relationship with someone if they hid an entire PERSON from you?

Second Date: Ethan and Skyler (Me Too!)

It’s always a good thing when you have things in common on a first date. Right?

Second Date: Drew and Bonnie (No Voice)

Drew was suspicious of her mysterious illness, and ended up cutting the date off short.

Second Date: Jennifer and Clayton (Pouty Baby)

The ending of this Second Date is one of the MOST SHOCKING that we’ve ever had…

Second Date: Eric and Toni (Don’t Sugar Coat It)

One of our listeners met a girl while waiting for his phone to get fixed.

Second Date: James and Hannah (Reunited and it feels so Weird)

He took his date to the same place they went to SIX years ago… but was it…

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