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Second Date

Second Date: Ava and Nathan (Dating A Pilot)

Ladies love a man in uniform don’t they? One of our listeners went on a dreamy date…

Second Date: Kasey and Zach (High School Crush)

Would you jump at a chance to reconnect with "the one that got away"?

Second Date: Kyle and Virginia (Pins and Needles)

The guy in today’s Second Date has a standard date he always goes on to “test” the…

Second Date: Shawn and Jessica (Oh Corn Nuts!)

Jessica has been trying to FORGET what happened during her latest romantic encounter for days now.

Second Date: Aiden and Summer (Dessert Surprise)

Today's Second Date has all the makings of a true love story…

Second Date: John and Danielle (Wild Child)

The guy in today’s Second Date was VERY disappointed that his date wasn’t WILD

Second Date: Dave and Emma (Nervous Guy)

We understand dating can be a stressful, nerve-wracking experience, but we've never heard someone get SO worked…

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