Thinking Of Getting LASIK Eye Surgery? You Might Want To Think Again
Photo Taken In Argentina, Buenos Aires

Although countless people have been able to discard their glasses and contact lenses thanks to LASIK, the eye surgery isn’t free of potential risks — and the Food and Drug Administration wants potential patients to be aware of them before they decide to have their eyes altered.

To that end, the FDA has issued a 25-page report that lists some of the potential side effects, calling for doctors to go over them with patients prior to scheduling surgery. “It is important for people considering LASIK to have clear and understandable information on the benefits and risks of the surgery to help inform their decision,” the report reads.

The procedure, which involves changing the shape of the cornea with a laser, has been known to cause permanently dry eyes, double vision, persistent eye pain, and difficulty driving at night, per the FDA. It can even over-correct a person’s vision, leaving them with a need for glasses in spite of having spent thousands of dollars on the surgery, the agency reports.

If you’ve had LASIK surgery, what side effects have you experienced?

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