Tom Brady promised he means it this time when he announced his retirement from football. His message was short and sweet because he said he got his long-winded message out the first time he retired.

His career spanned 23 seasons!

He got love from both the Tampa Buccaneers as well as his former team, the New England Patriots.

And of course his buddy, Gronk.

But it was the comment from ex-wife Gisele that everyone was fixating on, because this seemed to be point of contention that led to their breakup. Gisele had put her career on hold to support him and thought when he was retired, it was her turn to chase dreams. Her comment to his retirement announcement seems to indicate that ship has sailed.

To be fair, not sure if that was Tom’s motivation behind this move. Purely speculation based on the fact he only un-retired for one more season.

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