Trent Reznor: Music Has Become a “Disposable Commodity,” Not Time For New Nine Inch Nails

You probably won’t hear anything new from Nine Inch Nails for a while.

Trent Reznor shared his feelings on the state of music in an interview on Rick Rubin’s Tetragrammaton podcast back in June.

Reznor said that he feels that “the importance of music — or lack of importance of music — in today’s world, from my perspective, is a little defeating.”

“In the context of Nine Inch Nails, in terms of an audience and the culture,” Reznor noted, “music used to be the thing that, that was what I was doing when I had time. I was listening to music. I wasn’t doing it in the background while I was doing five other things, and I wasn’t treating it kind of as a disposable commodity.”

Talking about his film scores, the 58-year-old said, “I think that’s where some of the excitement of composition in film has thrust me into places I wouldn’t be with my band. It’s made me learn and be in awe of what music is, and how powerful it is, and how much there is to know about it, and how much I don’t know about it.”

What would you want to hear in new Nine Inch Nails music? How do you think the music industry has changed over the years?

Why or why don’t you agree with Trent Reznor on how music is appreciated these days?

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