Foodies are looking back at the biggest food trends of 2022.

According to “Eat This, Not That,” four foods sparked hours-long lines this year.

The Lafayette croissant was one. The large, circular, over-stuffed croissant was introduced by the Lafayette Bakery in New York in January and still has a wait time of one to three hours.

Franklin BBQ brisket in Austin, Texas, also made the list and is said to serve “the best barbecue in the known universe.” Doors open at 11 a.m., but people have begun lining up as early as eight or nine in the morning for this meat.

The Figment popcorn bucket was also a “thing” this year. Figment, the happy purple dragon that’s known for guarding the land of Epcot at Disney World in Florida, was turned into a one-of-a-kind popcorn bucket you can wear around your neck and the world went nuts for it. Ever since the bucket was introduced, expected wait times have been 6-7 hours!

David Dobrik Pizza rounds out the list. The YouTuber just opened the doors of the West Hollywood in November and it has already had lines around the block ranging from one to seven hours long.

What did you wait in line for this year?

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