Why Eggs Are So Expensive Right Now
Close up of an elderly woman's hands, holding organic produced eggs. Selective focus

While price inflation has started to cool off in recent months, the price of eggs has gone through the roof.  So what’s going on?

The average price of a dozen eggs is currently $4.25, and as much as $7 in some parts of the country.  In fact, eggs alone account for nearly 90% of the increase in your grocery bill.

There are several factors – starting with an outbreak of avian bird flu that wiped out millions of egg-laying hens across the U.S. last year.  Higher costs of feed, fuel, and packaging are also factors.

We’re also eating more eggs these days – egg consumption in the U.S. has increased 17% over the last decade.

Have you had to cut down on eggs due to the price increase?  How have you adjusted your grocery shopping habits?

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