Chester Bennington’s widow says that she still can’t listen to Linkin Park after her husband’s suicide in 2017. Talinda Bennington told ABC News podcast Life After Suicide that she’ll jump from the backseat of a car just to change the radio station or even jump out of the car if a song comes on featuring her husband. Talinda says “It’s just a visceral reaction I have…it’s just too painful.”

She also said that she thought her husband was “in a good place” before his suicide which made his death that much more surprising. Now she is reaching out to Linkin Park fans on social media to help her process her grief and to help fans who also have thoughts of self-harm on their mind.

Talinda also continues her work with her 320 Changes Direction Foundation, which raises awareness of mental health. The organization is planning a festival in the future to benefit its mission.

Was Bennington’s death a shock to you? What can we do to raise awareness of mental health?

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