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You can find a wide variety of celebrity memorabilia on eBay… but this is a little too much… No disrespect to Robert Downey Jr., but for some reason, his chewed gum is for sale on eBay for a starting bid of $40,000!

How did it show up there? The seller claims they grabbed the piece of gum RDJ was chewing at Jon Favreau’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony.

It’s listed in “used” condition!  The item description reads: “I happened to be in the area during the event which had famous actor and producer Jon Favreau being added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame,”  “During the event, Robert Downey Jr. himself put his gum on the star and presumably left it there, which I was able to snag. I’m selling it in the same condition I got it in, and it can be tested for his DNA.”

As of the time of this writing, however, there are no bids on the gum, with a day and a half remaining in the auction.

See the listing HERE

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