A World Without Smart Phones & The Internet?

Could you go without your phone/internet?

According to a new Harris Poll, 77% of Americans age 35-54 said they would like to return to a time before humanity was “plugged in.”

This means before people had wide access to the internet and smartphones! Of course, Americans in that demographic can more clearly remember what the pre-internet era was actually like, but even younger respondents who have no memory of a world before social media indicated that they wouldn’t mind returning to our analog roots!

63% of 18- to 34-year-olds agreed with the idea, versus only 37% who disagreed. Interestingly, baby boomers were slightly less eager to time hop, with only 60% of people over 55 saying they’d prefer to return to yesteryear. All told, though, a decisive 67% of respondents agreed that, if given the choice, they would prefer the world as it used to be, versus only 33% who seem to think things are perfectly fine the way they are.

Knowing everything you know now, could YOU give up your cell phone and the Internet?

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