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Woody is a twenty-year radio veteran who has worked in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Portland. He began his career while in high school when he became a nighttime on-air personality in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in San Francisco, Woody joined real-life friends Ravey, Menace, and Greg Gory on-air for what would become The Woody Show.





Greg Gory

Broadcasting weekday mornings from 6 to 10 a.m., The Woody Show is highly-interactive, socially-engaging appointment radio. Listeners, in their own words, call The Woody Show “authentic,” “raw” and “unapologetic,” and describe it as “recess/happy hour on the radio.”

Experience “Redneck News,” “Am I An Angel?” “DUI-Q,” “Friday Fail Stories,” “Cart Narcs,” “The Craigslist Price Is Right,” “After Hours Voicemails,” “The Menace Spelling Bee,” and so much more!

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