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Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates is recovering from a leg injury.

The band was playing in Massachusetts this week when Gates suddenly walked off the stage while his bandmates carried out the rest of the song.

They took a 20-minute pause to address the situation and then had to skip their encore due to time constraints.

Frontman M. Shadows later wrote on social media, “Synyster Gates is back and [it] seems like a pretty severe contusion of his calf. He’s got crutches and can’t walk on it at the moment. Gonna be sore for a few days. Doc said it could be from dehydration, possibly last night’s show, the heat and not enough water today. Bottom line is he’s watching it closely and hopefully be able to stand on it soon.”

Shadows also said the band won’t be canceling any shows.

Have you ever been on crutches? What was the hardest part?

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