Billie Joe Armstrong Talks Emo Revival

Billie Joe Armstrong is discussing the emo revival.

In a new interview, Armstrong said, “Emo was dead — then just five years later, we’re having emo club nights. Like, aren’t you supposed to wait another five years for this? My Chemical Romance just broke up!”

Armstrong thinks streaming services and “the way things go viral now” have fueled the emo revival for millennials and Gen-Z fans.

He explained, “There’s this band, the Walters, that broke up four years ago and suddenly they have this song that’s everywhere. Same thing with Deftones: all of a sudden their music is showing up on all these TikTok videos. There’s this new algorithmic way of discovering new stuff. It’s really prevalent in rock music and it shows how people are paying less attention to the radio [and other traditional platforms].”

What do you like best about radio?

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