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The new season of “Black Mirror” is out, and, like most of us, you probably binged watched all the episodes.

If so, you may have noticed many Easter eggs throughout the episodes. If not, Buzzfeed has pointed some out.

For example, In episode one, “Joan Is Awful,” – Joan and Krish hover over “Loch Henry: Truth Will Out,” which is the documentary from episode 2.

They add, “Sandy, Joan’s ex-colleague, receives a text message that appears above a notification from Smithereen on her phone. Smithereen is a social media site that is featured prominently in season five, episode two of Black Mirror.”

Another example shared is “Mac, Joan’s ex-boyfriend, is also seen scrolling on Smithereen and happens to scroll past a photo posted by Lacie Pound. Lacie is, of course, the central character in season three’s first episode, ‘Nosedive.'”

What other Easter eggs did you come across?

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