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Bush Frontman On Releasing New Album During Pandemic

Bush has a new album coming out on July 17th, which Gavin Rossdale admits the jury is still out on how it will be received.

Speaking in a video interview posted Friday, the frontman said, “I think that we’re either gonna look really smart or really dumb. We’re really something. It’s a good step.”

According to Rossdale, lots of industry people told him they probably should wait on putting out The Kingdom, but he felt “[it’s good to release] something new for people to dive into.”

As for how the band will promote their eighth studio effort, Rossdale reveals, “We’re gonna try and come up with some ideas and try and bridge the gap between now and when the record comes out and when we play.”

What do you think about the band’s plan? Which others are putting out new music during the pandemic?

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