CDC: Cancer-Causing Weedkiller Chemical Found In 80 Percent Of Urine Samples

The cancer-causing chemical glyphosate has been found in 80 percent of Americans’ urine samples.

That’s according to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which analyzed urine samples from 2,310 U.S. citizens — and found 1,885 of them contained the chemical, which is widely used as a weedkiller ingredient. Of the study’s participants, nearly one-third were under the age of 18, the CDC reports.

“I expect that the realization that most of us have glyphosate in our urine will be disturbing to many people,” says University of Washington Professor Lianne Sheppard. “We know that a large fraction of the population has it in urine. Many people will be thinking about whether that includes them.”

How often do you used weedkiller?

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