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Dennis Rodman says Pearl Jam saved his life.

In a recent interview with Joe Buck, Rodman talked about a dark time in his life, when he was reeling over a split from his first wife and contemplated suicide.

On the night he nearly killed himself, police found Rodman in his car with a rifle in his lap after he had fallen asleep listening to Pearl Jam.

He said, “Everything was really just unraveling. I just locked myself in my house for, like, 45 days. I really don’t even think about that too much, but that was a life-changing experience for me. I didn’t want to kill Dennis, I just wanted to kill who he is today. I just wanted to change my life a little bit. I think what saved me was Pearl Jam.  I was listening to a song called ‘Black.’”

Has a song or band ever saved you? How?

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