Evanescence’s Amy Lee on Her Awkward Grammy Moment with 50 Cent

In 2004, Evanescence won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. They beat out rapper 50 Cent, who was heavily favored to win.

During Evanescence’s speech, 50 Cent walked on stage and just stood there as a sort of peaceful protest.

Evanescence singer Amy Lee recalled the moment to ‘Daily Beast’ saying, “50 Cent hates my guts. It’s just one of those things… I mean, truthfully, we thought he was going to win too. It was such a wild night.”

She added, “People are like, ‘What was it like to win a Grammy?’ and I’m like, ‘Stressful!’ I mean, it’s wonderful now, to have them, but it was surreal… I just remember thinking, ‘I don’t even think anybody in this room knows who we are.’”

Lee continued, “You know when you’re just in shock? He didn’t do anything. He didn’t grab the mic. It wasn’t that bad. He just sort of, like, made an appearance. It was like Zoolander when he thought he won.”

She concluded, “ … He never said anything to me, but he likes to talk about me and how he was robbed. I don’t want to start a beef with him.”

What are some of the most awkward award show moments of all time?

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