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Fever 333 Releases “Supremacy”

Fever 333 have released a studio version of their powerful “Supremacy” after unveiling the track during their Long Live The Innocent live stream event which asked fans and allies to protest and act against racism and corruption.  Supremacy’s lyrics include “Born into a world where we’re dying to be free/But we’re living underneath their supremecy”

Front man Jason Aalon Butler talked to Kerrang about the need for rock to stand up for the black community saying “Rock has continued to benefit off black culture and black music.  The rock community should stand up for black people, show up for trans people, show up for immigrant people.  Show up for anyone who literally helped comprise this music.”

Butler also said that rock music has become “homogenized and very, very safe…it typically looks like a white, hetero normative male – and that is not rock music.”

Does the rock genre give enough credit and support to the black community? Has rock become safe and homogenized?

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