Former Corey Taylor Bassist Says He Was Fired Because He Caught COVID-19

Two years after he was fired from Corey Taylor’s solo band, bassist Jason Christopher is calling out the Slipknot frontman for canning him because he contracted COVID-19.

In a lengthy statement, Christopher says he went to practice feeling a bit ill, only to find out afterward he’d contracted the coronavirus. “After I called Corey to let him know about the COVID, I received an extremely unnerving text from him telling me that I knew I was sick when I was at rehearsal, and that my negligence could have killed his daughter, his mother in law, etcetera,” he recalls. “I know I’m a careless immature idiot, who doesn’t abide by old rich white laws when I don’t have to, but I just f***ing got sick — period. I didn’t do anything wrong.” He goes on to criticize Taylor’s solo efforts, calling them “absolute garbage.”

Although Taylor hasn’t responded to Christopher’s comments, his wife, Alicia Taylor, says, “It’s painfully obvious that this is coming from a place of bitterness and jealousy. It’s been years and no one from the band has said anything publicly, yet this guy can’t move on. He rants on social media for sympathy, every time he gets his feelings hurt because he’s not longer part of something due to the consequences of his own choices.”


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 Does it sound like Taylor overreacted to Christopher’s diagnosis? Or do you think there was more going on than Christopher is admitting to?

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