The final season of Game Of Thrones is coming, which means millions will be glued to their couches to see how the series comes to an end.

If you’re looking to multi-task, PopSugar has developed a way to get yourself fit while watching with a Game Of Thrones workout plan with 20 different workouts.

During the opening theme, you’ll need to wall sit for one minute. If there’s a callback to an earlier season, start doing lunges. Flashback? Begin burpees. When Jon Snow broods, 5 push-ups are on the bill. Each time a character dies, do 15 squats. With the amount of killing that happens, you’ll have some super strong glutes in no time!

Check out the full workout list here.

Hopefully by the end of the series you’ll be toned and ready to make your own shot at the throne.

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