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The NFL will be adopting a new ‘emergency quarterback‘ rule this season, and this week the league sent out some clarification on how exactly it will work:

  • Teams will be able to designate an ‘Inactive/Emergency Third Quarterback’ that will not count against the active gameday roster – though the player must still be part of the 53-man roster.
  • That player will be able to enter the game only if both the starting and backup QBs are injured or disqualified.
  • The QB1 or QB2 will still be eligible to return to the game if they’re cleared to play – and the Emergency QB will be able to return if they’re needed again.
  • The Emergency QB will have to line up under center or in shotgun and take the snap – so no Wildcat-style trick formations will be allowed while they’re in the game.

Which team is most likely to need their Emergency Quarterback at some point this season?

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