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Jared Leto took marketing to the next level by climbing the Empire State Building to promote his upcoming ’30 Seconds to Mars’ tour.

He soared to the sky above New York City on Thursday morning, informing the hosts of TODAY that he had achieved his long-held dream of reaching the pinnacle of the famous tower.

He claims that when he was climbing, he made a stop at about the 80th level and noticed his mother there, which was a pleasant surprise. Also, he claims that upon reaching the top of the 102-story structure, the views were really amazing, especially as the sun began to rise.

The man is no stranger to risky ascents like this; for a while now, he has been scaling buildings and other crazy rock formations, which undoubtedly helped him be ready for his exhausting skyscraper milestone.

Who is the most daring person you know? What’s the craziest thing that person has ever done?

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