Source: YouTube

A man from Kentucky has filed a lawsuit against Netflix after his photo was featured in a documentary without his consent.

Phillip Campbell claims that his photo was used in the documentary “Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker” without his permission and that it has caused him “emotional distress.”

The documentary, which premiered on Netflix this year, is about a hitchhiker who defended himself against a driver with a hatchet.

According to Campbell, the filmmakers used his photo without his knowledge or consent and portrayed him as the hitchhiker, even though he has no connection to the incident whatsoever.

It’s a pretty strange situation, and it raises some important questions about the use of personal images in documentaries and other media.

While it’s not clear yet how the lawsuit will play out, it’s a good reminder to always be careful with the personal information and images we share online. You never know where they might end up!

What do you think about this lawsuit? Should filmmakers be required to get permission before using someone’s publicly-shared online photo(s) in a documentary or film?

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