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How cool is this!? Shane Taylor and his family, wife Robyn and three daughters, moved to Anchorage from LA during the pandemic.

He has written or directed 10 films and was offered the chance to do three Hallmark movies, but opted instead to write his own Christmas movie and poke fun at the Hallmark movies. 

He wrote his first original comedy called “The Christmas Classic.”  It’s PG-13 and you can see it now on Showtime, and Paramount+ or rent it on Apple TV+ and other streaming platforms.

It follows a big-city woman played by Malin Ackerman who returns to her small hometown to buy a ski resort, but in order to do so, she has to beat her sister (played by Amy Smart) in the resort’s annual winter games.

Here’s a really fun twist, all three of his daughters were cast in the movie! Their daughters, Lola, Samantha and Charlotte, ages 13, 11 and 5, go to the Anchorage School. Lola said of the experience: “Every year, we watch all these Christmas movies, and to see yourself on the big screen is really cool.” Dad says he’s most proud of this movie because he got to work with his family!  And he already has a sequel in mind called “Summer Classic” that will incorporate some of his Kentucky roots!

See the full trailer HERE!

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