Melissa Auf Der Maur on Why She Broke Up With Dave Grohl

Melissa Auf Der Maur and Dave Grohl were together briefly from 1999-2001. While Auf Der Maur and Grohl were “madly in love,” one thing broke them up.

The former Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist shared she broke up with Grohl because she “…wanted to retreat from the ginormous corporate hell that our music scene had become, and he was not finished yet and had some more proving or ambitions or business to do.”

Auf Der Maur added, “I remember just saying, ‘Don’t you wanna just like settle down into a cool art scene in DC or Montreal and just like be humorous?’ His fire and his ambition was not. And we both, uh, here we are 20 years later, we’ve got what we wanted. He got to be the biggest rockstar in the world. And I got to be a small-town art factory hero.”

What are some notable couples in rock history that you wished went the distance?

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