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Not All Heroes Wear…Clothes?

In an act of selflessness and in my opinion pure genius, an Instagram model or “influencer” has raised an estimated $500,000 for aid and relief for those in need during the Australian Wildfires. How, you ask? One nude at a time.

Kaylen Ward, age 20, felt compelled to help raise money for fire relief in Australia when she learned of what was going on. Also known as The Naked Philanthropist, the Los Angeles sex worker and social media influencer promised nudes for donations.

All you had to do was DM her on Twitter proof that you made a donation and how much and she would send you back a nude. Originally she hoped to raise a modest $1,000 or so. Well, it looks like she somehow underestimated the power of thirst and has blown that prediction out of the water. So far she has raised an estimated $500,000.

Her unconventional tactics haven’t gone with no repercussions though. Instagram deactivated her account for violating their guidelines, even though she was running the whole thing on Twitter. Ward also claims that her family disowned her and her love interest has since stopped talking to her. Anything for the koalas though, right?


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