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People Are Walking Out After Seeing ‘Cats’

In case you were planning to take in a movie during Christmas, here’s a heads up that you might want to save your cash and skip seeing Cats.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t listen to what the critics say (“shockingly bad” BTW), then here’s a quick roundup of what those who have actually checked out the film think.

“The best part of our showing of Cats was about two-third of the way through when a man in the audience stood up, said ‘this movie is bad and I’m leaving’, and walked out while everyone applauded him,” wrote one Twitter user, while another notes, “Please know that five groups walked out of our theatre before it was over.”

Grossing just over $6 million after last weekend’s US opening, the $85M-100M budget adaptation of the Broadway musical just went under some retooling from the studio after on-screen mistakes were spotted.

Which other “bad” movies went on to have a new life as cult films?

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