U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has signed a deal to allow other manufacturers to make its experimental COVID-19 pill, a move that could make the treatment available to more than half of the world’s population.

On Tuesday, Pfizer said it would grant a license that would let generic drug companies produce the antiviral pill for use in 95 countries.

Health officials said the fact that the deal was struck even before Pfizer’s pill has been authorized anywhere is “significant.”

Doctors Without Borders said, however, it was “disheartened” that the Pfizer deal excludes countries such as China, Argentina, and Thailand.

A senior advisor with DWB noted, “The world knows by now that access to COVID-19 medical tools needs to be guaranteed for everyone, everywhere, if we really want to control this pandemic.”

What’s your initial reaction to the deal — a great step or not enough?

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