Red Hot Chili Peppers Explain Why They Are Not Fond of Taking Photos with Fans

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers recently thanked Flea, the bassist for the band, on Twitter for the opportunity to speak with frontman Anthony Kiedis during a concert.

Luke noted that the feedback he received suggested that it was uncommon for Kiedis to interact with concertgoers, which made “the meeting with him and flea way more special.”

Flea replied to the tweet saying, “It’s because you all generated a kind and gentle light, and you didn’t ask for a picture. We are always down to talk and chat, asking for a photo ruins it instantly.”

The bassist further explained that there is nothing wrong with asking for pictures, but it ruins the opportunity to have a real conversation because it feels like a transaction.

Have you ever been denied a photo with a music artists? Who was the person?

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