Rivers Cuomo Invites TikToker Who Played “Buddy Holly” Riff Every Day for Three Years to Join Weezer in Concert

Modest Mouse and Momma, Future Islands and Joyce Manor, Spoon and White Reaper, and others will perform on a summer tour called the “Indie Rock Roadtrip,” which the band Weezer announced on Monday.

The tour will likely have another special guest. After a fan practiced Weezer’s song “Buddy Holly” riff for almost three years, he received a special invite from Rivers Cuomo to play the track live on the tour.

@dietlite_evan Replying to @deadbillionaires #weezer #buddyhollylick #weezertok #weezered #yougotweezered #buddyhollycheck ♬ original sound – Evan

 The fan, Evan Marsalli, began by inviting Cosmo to duet a “Buddy Holly” riff on TikTok. He dedicated 990 tries to get the singer’s attention. His work has paid off.

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