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Slipknot and drummer Jay Weinberg have parted ways.

The band confirmed the news in a statement via social media on Sunday (Nov. 5).

The statement reads, “We would like to thank Jay Weinberg for his dedication and passion over the past ten years. No one can ever replace Joey Jordison’s original sound, style or energy, but Jay honored Joey’s parts and contributed to the last three albums and we, the band, and the fans appreciate it.”

The statement continued, “But as ever, Slipknot is intent on evolving. The band has decided to make a creative decision, and to part ways with Jay. We wish Jay all the best and are very excited for what the future holds.”

Weinberg played his final show with Slipknot on Nov. 3.

Are you surprised by Weinberg’s exit from Slipknot? Why or why not?

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