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Steven Spielberg recently shared how Tom Hanks cast himself in Catch Me If You Can.

Spielberg said, “Tom had read the script as a writing sample and called me and Walter Parkes, the co-producer, and said, ‘Can I be in this movie? Do you think Steven would let me play the FBI agent? I really know who this guy is.’ And then Tom called me, and he said, ‘Can I kinda horn in here?’ And I said, my God, what do you mean horn in?”

He continued, “Then he called Leo and said, ‘Is it an imposition for me to be this movie which is clearly your film? You’re carrying it. Would it be an imposition upon you if I played the FBI agent?’ Leo thought that heaven had just come down to earth for him. So in a sense, Tom invited himself into the project in such a humble, beautiful way.”

Which role from Leonardo DiCaprio do you think was his best ever?

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