What would be different had Kurt Cobain not taken his life in the mid-1990s? For Taylor Hawkins, not much.

The drummer says he’s certain the Foo Fighters would exist regardless of whether Cobain was still alive. “I guarantee you, if for some crazy reason

Kurt Cobain wouldn’t have died so early and Nirvana was still a band now, Dave would still be doing the same thing,” Hawkins says.

However, Hawkins does concede the band might not be as popular with Cobain in the picture. “There would be a Foo Fighters,” he reiterates, “but it wouldn’t be as popular because he’d be busy in Nirvana all the time. But he has to do it. He has to make Foo Fighters records. That’s just what we do.”

Do you agree with Hawkins? Do you think Nirvana would still be together today if Cobain was still alive?

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