There is a research group Buzz Bingo that decided they needed to do a study called “Profanity On Film” and figure out who said the most swear words on film. I know what you’re thinking…it HAS to be Samuel L. Jackson right???

Nope. Jonah Hill takes the crown. Jonah has used bad language 376 times in his movies while Jackson has only used swear words 301 times in his films, landing him at just third place overall.

Jonah is pretty honored at the “accolade”…

There is one movie in particular that really helped push Johan over the hill (so to speak), and that was the 2013 movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. That is the most profane movie in terms of language with offensive language used over 700 times. Jonah’s co-star in that movie, Leonardo DiCaprio, also beat Sam Jackson with 361 uses of bad language. And it was DiCaprio’s character, Jordan Belfort, that the study says is the most profane of any film character, even beating out characters from some of Scorsese’s other profane classics like “Casino.” IF YOU ARE SASSY AND NOT OFFENDED…THERE IS A VIDEO THAT HAS ALL OF THEM IN THAT MOVIE HERE.

Now go wash your mouth out with soap. LOL


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