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The family that inspired The Blind Side is responding to the lawsuit filed against them by Michael Oher, the 16-year-old they took into their home.

Oher is 37 now and claims he found out in February of this year he signed a conservatorship just after he turned 18 when he thought he was being adopted.

The Tuohys’ attorney, Marty Singer, released a lengthy statement saying:

“The Tuohys opened their home to Mr. Oher, offered him structure, support and, most of all, unconditional love. They have consistently treated him like a son and one of their three children. His response was to threaten them, including saying that he would plant a negative story about them in the press unless they paid him $15 million.”

Singer also says the Tuohys have made good on the promise to equally split any money they have received from the book that inspired the movie and the movie itself.

Sean Jr. “SJ” Tuohy says this has been a long time coming and thinks it’s drumming up support for Oher’s new book, which he read. He says despite all this, he’s not turning his back on Oher and still considers him a brother.

Singer’s statement continues:

“The Tuohys will always care deeply for Mr. Oher. They are heartbroken over these events.” “They desperately hope that he comes to regret his recent decisions, makes different choices in the future and that they someday can be reconciled with him. In the meantime, however, they will not hesitate to defend their good names, stand up to this shakedown and defeat this offensive lawsuit.”


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