It’s actually pretty sweet to hear how cognizant Ashton Kutcher is about how the Hollywood rumor mill and media work.

Talk started after pics of Ashton and co-star Reese Witherspoon looking awkward and not super chummy while doing press for their new Netflix rom-com, “Your Place or Mine“.

He explained on Chicks in the Office podcast that he was afraid that if he put his arm around Reese or was too friendly, rumors would start they were having an affair. It was out of respect for his wife, Mila Kunis, he was trying to be a gentleman. Mila actually texted both and told them “you have to look like you like each other!”  LOL

In fact, to prepare for their roles as besties of 20 years, Reese suggested they send short videos to each other every day to get to know each other better. Super cute!

Reese and Mila have been friends for years, and now Ashton is her bud too!

Their movie is available to stream this Friday.

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