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Tom Holland revealed how he messed up his Star Wars Audition on ‘Hot Ones’

Tom Holland recently discussed how he messed upStar Wars audition on the latest episode of Hot Ones.

According to Tom, he could not stop laughing during the audition, but he doesn’t think that’s why he didn’t get the role.

He said, “I don’t think that’s the reason why I didn’t get the role, I think John Boyega was just better for the role than me.”

Tom said the lady that was doing the audition read with him kept making ‘droid noises’ that caused him to laugh.

He continued, “I just remember thinking, ‘There’s no way this lady’s going to read the robot’s lines opposite me’ — just because that would be ridiculous, I don’t remember what my line was, but it was [something like], ‘Let’s get back to the falcon!’ and this lady, bless her, would sit there with full commitment and was like, ‘Be-boop-be-boop.'”

Have you ever laughed uncontrollably during an inappropriate time?

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