Trent Reznor Says This Dua Lipa Song Made Him Cry

Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails frontman, Oscar-winning composer, and… Dua Lipa fan?

It’s true – in fact, Reznor recently revealed that a Dua Lipa song made him cry.

Appearing on Rick Rubin’s Tetragrammaton podcast, Reznor admitted  “I teared up listening to a Dua Lipa track the other day because it was just a really well-done piece of music, you know?”

The mystery song?  “Levitating” – which Reznor heard when his six-year-old daughter began singing it.

He later tweeted “Her execution was spot on and when she got to the “sugarboo” line it broke me.

What’s your ‘guilty pleasure’ music?  What artists have you discovered through your kids?

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