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Wendy’s Is Changing Their Fries

Wendy’s is making their fries Hot & Crispy (that’s their new name too), and you can get freebies for trying this this month.

Just purchase a medium order of Hot & Crispy Fries in the app and get the chance to claim free food on different Fridays (get it? “Fry days”?!) throughout the month.

Every Friday from October 1 to October 29, you’ll get to claim items like a Dave’s Single, 10-piece crispy or spicy nuggets, Junior BaconĀ Cheeseburger, or a classic chicken sandwich.

You’ll need to buy the fries first, but ultimately you’ll get an entire meal for the price of only the fries if you play your cards right.

So how is the formula different? One side is built for heat retention, the other for crispiness.

So when you pull out of the drive-thru or order Wendy’s for delivery, you can have peace of mind your fries will be just as hot and crispy as they are when pulled from the fryer.

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