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Grubhub Sued Over ‘Deceptive Business Practices’

The Washington D.C. Attorney General is suing Grubhub over its alleged deceptive business practices.

The Best Irish Pub in Every State

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day which is this Thursday, a new list of the best…

St. Patrick’s Day Food And Drink Freebies and Deals

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner on Thursday, March 17th, and these restaurants are getting…

Ukraine: 10 Ways to Help

If you're looking for ways to help out Ukraine, has gathered a list of charities that…

Grubhub Expands Grubhub Goods Nationwide

Delivery service Grubhub will now be offering its 'Grubhub Goods' nationwide!

What You Should Eat If You’re Hungry Before Bed

Since not all nighttime options are good options, a nutritionist is sharing what people who want to…

Cheech Marin Creates Stoner Kitchen

Now that the recreational use of cannabis is legalized in 18 states, celebrity weed-enthusiast Cheech Marin is…

You Can Now Order Girl Scout Cookies on DoorDash

Trying to resist Girl Scout Cookies this year just got harder. This year you can use DoorDash…

The Best Chicken Wings in Every State

Buffalo chicken wings are so popular, they have restaurants devoted to them! Website Eat This, Not That…

Thanksgiving Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Before you give Fluffy that spoonful of Grandma's fruitcake, check out the list of foods that you…

DoorDash Will Now Ship Food Across the Country

Maybe you're in California and you're missing a restaurant in New York. DoorDash has a solution for…

Pop Tarts Unveils New Pop-Tarts x Butter Kit

If you've heard of "buttered Pop Tarts," this could be your chance to try them!

Experts say the Most Expensive Thanksgiving in History is on the Way

After seeing the cost of preparing turkey dinner drop to a 10-year low in 2020, the U.S…

Kraft Launches Mac & Cheese Fan Club and Flavor Boost Packets

Fans of Kraft Mac & Cheese can now join a fan club to show their love!

Wendy’s Is Giving Out Free Food This October

This isn't a trick: Wendy's is giving out TREATS in the month of October!

Panera Debuts a Mac & Cheese Sandwich

It was only a matter of time until someone sold a mac and cheese sandwich.

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Bombs Spotted at Target

Pumpkin spice hot chocolate bombs are here!

Watch This Musician Use Red Hot Chili Peppers to Cover… Red Hot Chili Peppers

TikTok artist Tyzo Bloom did just that-he used actual red hot chili peppers to cover the band…

Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Cream Is Back and Available Online

Great news for anyone who missed the first batch of the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ice cream…

Girl Scouts Announce New Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cookie

Girl Scout Cookie season is still months away, but the organization is teasing its devotees with a…

Guy Fieri Invents Apple Pie Hot Dog with Chevrolet for MLB’s Field of Dreams Game

Two foods America is known for have just become one thanks to Guy Fieri.

Why Are People Eating Oreos With Salsa?

You've heard of weird food combos, but this might take the cake.

Krispy Kreme’s New Carnival Treats

If you went to a carnival or fair over the weekend and you can't stop thinking about…

Pasta Chips are taking over TikTok

TikTok offers everything from financial advice to learning dance moves to even cooking some of your favorite…

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